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greetings from Britain ! . do you Love England? , Scotland? . Wales? Britain? yes? if so take a viewing of this blog

this blog is put together to show an extensive range of the delights,the Landscapes, the Charm, the Architecture ,The Coastline, The wildlife, The geology , Travel, The History, The Streets , the Cities, the countryside, London itself aswell as well known places and the least known places of that of the United kingdom

the post here are both my own photos [checkout more of them on http://fuckitandtraveltobritain.tumblr.com/] aswell as from other travel/uk travel blogs, hope you enjoy what you see

submissions [ portrait sized uk landscape/architecture/street photos would be great] are welcome,, messages are welcome too ,

I would appreciate it if you didnt re post any of my own photography on other sites or re post them as your own images on tumblr , thanks

anyway hope one day you get the chance to get out there and see Britain yourself, most of the UK are much nicer in the flesh than in the photos, have a good look through this blog if you adore the look of the UK

there's also an extensive range of UK/ travel images on my other blogs listed below

Cambridge, England, UK

-Trinity Lane

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