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greetings from Britain ! . do you Love the look of England? , Scotland? . Wales? Britain? yes? if so take a viewing of this blog

this blog is a UK Travel/architecture/landscape blog to show an extensive range of the delights,the Landscapes, places and the Architecture of the United Kingdom,

the images here are a mixture of both my own photography [checkout more of them on http://fuckitandtraveltobritain.tumblr.com/] aswell as images from other travel/uk travel blogs/photographers etc, hope you enjoy what you see

anyway hope one day you get the chance to get out there and see Britain for yourself, most of the UK is much nicer in the flesh than in the photos!

friendly reminder: please dont re- post my own photography work on other sites or re post them as your own on tumblr, thanks :]

there's also an extensive range of UK/ travel images on my other blogs listed below if your interested !
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Canterbury, Kent, England, UK

- The Old Weavers House, circa  A.D 1500 

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    Was in Canterbury last month. Walked past this one or two times. Nice place, but nowhere near as beautiful as the...
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